September 2, 2010

ACC, What Has Become of You?

"It must be really hard to be ACC nowadays. Even with the help of their spin-doctors they are digging themselves into a deeper hole every day. So, ACC has been buddies with Felicity Goodyear-Smith. That's really not that great news. Counsellors and survivors knew that for a long time ... at the latest since the infamous 'research' in 2005 came out. ACC is in best company given that FGS has enjoyed for many years the cosy protection if not admiration of Auckland University/Medical School. In their eyes it's obviously OK to back a lecturer who thinks not all adult-child sexual contact is bad - so that we can look forward to a new generaton of enlightened GPs. But I am digressing ....."

ACC, What Has Become of You? - SOSA NZ - Survivors of Sexual Abuse NZ Charitable Trust:

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