September 15, 2010

USA verses Australia - CRIME

Two men, both paedophiles, known to each other. One from Australia, the other from the States. This how both countries "deal" with their respective citizens:

The twist in this sick story is both men were not only known to each other but the Australian was providing child porn for not only the American but used his own children as "actors" for the hundreds of men who paid and downloaded the images. Does that make the Australian worse than the American? Not in my book but you would think, logically, that the Australian received a harsher penalty yeah? Well, sad to say, the facts speak for themselves.


  • Arrested on 1 count of child porn
  • No Name Suppression
  • Sentenced to 21 years, 10 months
  • Arrested on 13 counts of indecency against a child
  • Out on bail at the time of offending
  • Automatic name suppression
  • Sentenced to 7 years - minimum of 4.5 years to be served
It is time for those who stand against child sexual exploitation, sexual violation, abuse, rape, to really stand up. These children are OUR future. The sentencing structure in New Zealand and Australia is failing them. No wonder we are breeding an angry young nation. We didn't take them seriously when they were at their most vulnerable and that alone will come back to smack us in the ass and when we least expect it.  

Australian paedophile's sentence is a fraction of US counterpart's | Herald Sun

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