September 14, 2010

Name Suppression Activist/Blogger fined MORE than sex offenders

Written by Blondie - This is bloody ridiculous.

As we all know by now, Cameron Slater got fined a total $6,750 today for breach ing name sup pres­sion orders on this here web site. Most right-thinking peo ple would agree that the name sup pres sion orders should never have been made in the first place; it’s absolutely dis gust ing that sex-offenders hide behind their vic tims so that noone knows what dis gust ing sickos they are – until it’s too late because they’ve offended again.

But the thought crossed my mind – I’m sure that Cameron got fined more than the actual offend ers (in at least some cases). And what do you know. The so-called “star” who got name sup pres sion after he grabbed a 16 year old girl and forced her face into his crotch – got fined a grand total of $5,130. 
So, from where I’m sit ting, it looks like the NZ courts think it’s worse to name a sex-offender on the inter net, than to sex u ally assault teenage girls. At least, that’s how it looks when they throw a big ger fine at Cam than at filthy mon grels like this so-called entertainer.

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