September 3, 2010

Doctor suspended over child sex images |

Riddle me this: if you're a doctor or teacher and you're caught with pornographic images of kids on your work computer, do you automatically avoid legal proceedings on the basis of your occupation? Well, it would appear so...

His defence? A compulsion to masturbate. 

In its findings, the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal, said: "the doctor had a psychiatric diagnosis of paraphilia, which involved compulsive masturbation and the use of images when masturbating".

This is fascicle. It wasn't that long ago that New Zealand prided itself on being involved in one of the world's largest child porn busts. Yes, there we were with our heads held high, boasting our allegiance to the International call to arms against people such as... gee, this Doctor for one. And yet, here we are, on our wee lonesome, no International recognition, no media, no CNN channel and what do we do as an independent Nation? We let the little shit go with a smack on his hand, name suppression, a wee holiday from his job and a fine of $6000 to "someone" although I bet my bottom dollar, none of it will ever got to the kids he um ...masturbated over.  And at work? WTF? Did he, what, have a quick cyber-moment before getting the real thing in for a medical? This man forfeited the right to be anywhere near a person's body in any professional manner. I'm getting real tired of that old adage: boys will be boys. If this was a woman, getting off on pictures of little boys prior to seeing some real live ones, she'd have been charged quick smart! 

Doctor suspended over child sex images |


  1. I agree. How can anyone trust their child with someone who admits, or is diagnosed as having, paraphilia? I don't care if I'm in the room with the child while they are being seen by this doctor, whose to say that he won't use mental images of that child later as part of his fantasies?

    He should never be allowed to practice again. There are some professions that require a squeaky clean record, doctors are one of them.

    Take care,

  2. You betcha, it is an old boys network for sure. Why doesn't he just prescribe himself a pill to stop his compulsion for playing with it and counselling for his filthy addiction to our innocent children.
    Dirty B........

  3. Yes it's a joke! You would think if he is allowed back to practice medicine it's in the public's interest to know who he is..... so we have the choice to being treated by him. But seriously he is a doctor and he only realised he had a problem after being caught?!?! WTF? Clearly an offender.... no where did he ask for help or seek treatment prior to being caught!

  4. I wonder if this guy is a 'mate' of Jackass Jansen's or maybe jackass helped him with providing his Medical Opinion and expertise - like his jackass medical opinions that he writes for sensitive claimants?? The mind boggles.

    Whatever you do, don't go to "Denny's" Restaurant in Auckland.

  5. Laughed at this:

    But he is now back practising medicine. Name suppression laws here are a crock of shit in this country. For what reason does this freak get name suppression????


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