September 25, 2010

WARNING: Child Rapists "peruse" this site....

Piss myself laughing.... you know the best compliment you can give a writer? Knowing her writing hits the target. I would therefore like to "hat tit [no sic]" the convicted child sex offender Bert Potter and his bunch of cronies for listing this here blog as some sort of ....twilight music..... public warning. 

Yes folks, I have joined the infamous network listed below and our heinous crime? ...Informing the public of just who claims to be "normal" in New Zealand society while waving the flag for "shagging kids." 

By the way, Potter, why not have the balls - if you have any - to use your real name when trying to "slam dunk" some of the survivors of child sex abuse speaking in a supportive public forum? Duh, it's not like your ISP address changes so you're not as clever as you's like to think you are. 

But hey, thank you for the awesome compliment of adding me to a "hit list" of some of the most finest anti-sex-with-kids advocates ever known in New Zealand.... You're hopefully a dying bred, you flea infested moss pit! If only such a compliment didn't come from the likes of you - cause then, it might actually mean something. 

From the freak's site:
The feminist network in action

The smear campaign is being supported by dozens of websites, eg: LudditeJouro,Kyle MacDonaldFrogblogSOSAACCforumACC FocusThe Swamp Report,Wellington Rape CrisisShatter our SilencecastorgirlK1W1BNETGoogle groupsScoopVoxygrownups.

Bless. Some of the finest sites listed above with some of the most bravest women and men I will ever get to meet. Take it as a compliment guys and girls - the freak is freaking out! PMSL....Oh what a hoot!


  1. Excellent post...Don't stop Writing......

  2. Awesome response on FB, thanks people.

  3. What is funny is he thinks all those people are feminists! LOL

    Well obviously Rape Crisis is, but none of the rest of the sites he mentioned are run by feminists. Though I guess anyone disagreeing with MENZ must be a feminist, regardless of their gender or whether they are married etc. PMSL

  4. I've checked my bits....and yep, I think I am a feminist. By the way, when did that word become insulting? I think it's an awesome standard to aspire to, personally.

  5. It became an 'insult' when JP and Co started using the word. We are the first country that gave women the vote so I guess we are all feminists to a degree (even the males).

    Considering his wife supports him and is the breadwinner and she kept her own name... you would have to call her a feminist also. However, I suspect they think feminists are anyone who makes life uncomfortable for him and his agenda, or who is part of his created "sexual abuse industry" fantasy! LOL

  6. Just cause they "started using the word" doesn't mean they own it or its meaning/definition.

    Case in point: FGS still calls herself a woman!

  7. I don't like being referred to as a feminist, because I'm not one. I believe in equal rights for all - regardless of gender, race, etc.

    I do however, appreciate being named amongst this group of bloggers and advocates. That's one of the greatest compliments I've had in a long time. Thanks JP and MENZ :)



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