May 16, 2010

ACC cuts lifeline to Danielle

Our Courageous Danielle Martin, regular caller to the Nutter's Club, speaks out against ACC!


  1. She is just amazing. Can't believe they think their 'experts' know better than her own treatment team when they haven't even met her.

  2. Hey Jax,
    I just wanted to touch base with you and thank you for your support and care, I have been thinking of you and sending you healing thoughts also. Not sure exactly what's been going on through nuttersclub FB (jst only had a quick read of what it said on your blog) but sounds like you may have had a rough time of it. Wanted to let you know I haven't been 'on FB' now for quite sometime but even if I don't ring in still listen to the show and feel that I am able to say I am a member even though I have nothing to do with FB, just an option for you in the future (once things have calmed down and you have a chance to work out what YOU want and what's best for YOU). Looks like you've been hard at work with the ACC stuff getting further proof of what we know is going on. Just wanted to thank you for the invite to that FB group and let you know why I won't be joining (because I'm not on FB at all, not because I don't support what you are doing), more power to you for doing what you need to do to help support yourself and others. I've been awake all night, tired and shakey but the sun should be coming up soon and I will get into bed for a bit. Hope that you are doing ok today, take care. x


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