May 9, 2010

Nutters Club - May 9

Guest Speaker
Harry Pappafloratos
Chief Executive Officer, Colmar Brunton New Zealand

"What do you do when your Doctor tells you, you're terminally ill?"
When my (ex) brother in law was diagnosed with cancer, it streamlined everyone's relationship with him. There wasn't time to muck around or skirt round issues, concerns or compliments. It's like we we're acutely aware that this person will not be around for much longer and so we have to appreciate them more. I find that ironic because, in a sense, we all have a terminal illness. We are all going to die one day and yet, we only really seem to appreciate the shortness of life and the importance of those people in our lives when they have been diagnosed with an illness that will, eventually, take them from us. 
I guess that's the importance and rarity of having a guest like Harry who, not only shares his story and how this illness is effecting his life and his family, but to also brutally remind us all that we need to listen as attentively to our own family members as we might with Harry - and even if they don't have a terminal illness.
After all the success of his career in research (currently the CEO of Colmar Brunton New Zealand), the most important thing in life, according to Harry is: "People. And my one regret it not to have been more open with people. Now I tell people I love them because, why not."

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