May 10, 2010

In Your Facebook

It's not until you do one of those random searches on Facebook that you get to realize just how many child abuse (prevention) sites are out there. Personally, I think this is a good thing. Ensuring the topic of child abuse remains in the minds of people can only lead to change - surely. The only downside I can think of at this stage is the "Divide and Conquer" theory - in other words, I wonder how much more forceful or successful (on a practical law changing level) these groups would be if they all joined forces. 

Child Abuse Must Stop - NZ based
A New Zealand based website with close to 200 members and an average daily increase of 10 members each day.The group was founded by John Sturmey who is a regular contributor. It's an OPEN group. This does mean that random people can enter the conversation forum and, for whatever reasons, disrupt the momentum of the group and their intentions. 
John and the other group admin members are vigiliant on this and they generally rustle up those people and show them the door. It also shows just how loyal the group members are when they shoot in from all directions in defense of the Group as a whole. I like this group. It's down to earth and John has no qualms about throwing out a few video recordings when he's pissed off with recent New Zealand events that make it near impossible for people to keep their spirits up.  

Why do we test on animals when we have paedophiles sitting in prisons?
Okay I agree. This is a radical group but it does have 167,488 members and it does seem to be growing by the day, and you don't get a great sense of cool calm and collected when you realize the group is headed by someone called Andy Looney Louise (oh and Johnny Shaw). However, you can't argue with the fact that seems to be a lot of people quite prepared to agree with this thought process and for those, frustrated by the slow governmental action towards preventing child abuse, it does give an outlet. 
This is a more politically grounded site for those "that find it absolutely abhorent that rapists and child molesters around the world are granted name suppression whilst often the name of the victim is published for all to see." I personally have not seen an incident where a victim is named and the offender us granted name suppression. However, I do know of cases where the offender is given name suppression against the wishes of the victim. My firm belief is that it should be a victim's choice.
These are some of the sites available on the Internet. They don't represent the majority and they most certainly do not represent just one point of view. Whether you agree with their methods or not, or whether you agree with their message or not, the best part about all of this is... the silence is being broken and that is the best starting point..

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