May 18, 2010

Child Victims - Ignored

I can hear Pat Benatar's song "Hell is for Children" playing in my head and it certainly is for these poor kids. Not only have they been abused but they have been deliberately neglected and ignored by a profession paid to protect them. But before we go pointing the finger at the Police, let's spare a thought for what would have happened to these children in light of the ACC changes.

Once fogged off by the Police, about a third of them would go on to be fogged off by ACC. In one recent example, ACC refused counselling for a child abuse victim on the basis that her family was dysfunctional and that alone was the cause of her stress not the actually abuse itself and, for those who didn't know, that is classed as a pre-existing condition and not covered by ACC.

That is of course assuming the child went through the grilling process of being assessed by complete strangers in order for them to have come up with idiotic conclusion. 

"Most of my enquiry files have named offenders," said one Police Officer. "Some of whom are probably still abusing victims, but I am resigned to the fact that that's just the way it is".
Child abuse in New Zealand remains one of the most easiest and least prosecuted crime. The most vulnerable in society continue to experience victimisation in the very "systems" set up to help them. SHAME ON NZ!

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