May 7, 2010

The Dishonorable Minister of ACC, Nick Smith:

An unbelievable video showing how the current NZ Government "fog off" sexual abuse survivors. This video reminds me of why I should never be allowed in the public gallery. I most certainly do not possess the patience the Labour politicians seem to be expressing. I have visions of me yelling from the galley "Answer the f***ing question Knob!"
On this videotape, Nick Smith clearly states: "...the College of psychiatrists and the College of GPs have issued statements strongly in support of the changes that ACC have made ..." (6:16) and yet, when Lisa Morrison, a member of this Blog wrote to both colleges, this was one such response: In short, Nick Smith has been caught with his pants down and blatantly lied!

(Read letter response in comments)


  1. Hey Nick Smith says that you tube clip that “both the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists and the College of General Practitioners have issued statements strongly supportive of the changes that ACC has made” in reference to the Clinical Guidelines for Sexual Abuse introduced in October 2009. I contacted the College of Psychiatrists for comment as I thought this seemed WEIRD. This letter back from the Chairperson of the College:

    The College has not supported the new ACC Pathway – indeed declined to release a press statement in support of this last year. The College has expressed no position on regulating counselling etc – this is an ACC initiative. Indeed psychiatrists cannot work effectively for New Zealanders MH needs without the support of, and collaboration with, our non medical psychotherapist and other colleagues. It is therefore good to be able to address the very issue you raise - that of doctors being seen to be turf protecting. Please be assured this is something we are actively not engaged in.

    There is a difference between the independently produced Massey Guidelines for the Treatment of PTSD – commissioned by ACC – and the new ACC Sensitive claims pathway. The two have become muddled I think. The Massey guidelines we have ‘supported’ as an up to date literature review of the evidence based treatments for PTSD. We are concerned by and actively advocating for better rather than more restricted access for New Zealanders to psychotherapies – whether through ACC, General Practice or DHB services.

    I have asked Audrey Holmes at the NZ Office to craft a fuller response for you, including our comments to date on the issue of diagnosis. I am very pleased you gave your time to write. We will be responding to what appears to be an inaccurate remark by the Minister in this regard.

    Yours Sincerely

    Lyndy Matthews

    No suprise!! Nick Smith lied again!!

  2. Typical of MP Nick Smith does the man even know truth from lie let's see um um um NO!!!!!!!!!!!! Nick Smith resign or be kicked out

  3. Just to let people know I have passed this on to Lynne Pillay (Labours Spokesperson for Disability Issues and Associate Spokesperson for Justice (Victims' Rights). She is also the woman talking in this you tube clip. She has passed on the information to Labours Media Department etc. So, shit will hit the fan for Nick Smith before to much longer. Watch this space. This from Lynne Pillay:

    Thanks very much Lisa, this is helpful

    And also the College of GPs are currently consulting members on the problems with the Pathway-hardly supportive!

    Nick Smith constantly misrepresents the situation and must be held to account.

    Thanks again for the info


  4. This today from the College of GPs:

    Dear Lisa

    I know that you have already seen our media release but I am attaching it again for you to re-read. You will see that while the College has welcomed ACC using evidence-based guidelines, we make no mention of the pathway that they introduced to support the guidelines.

    The Minister of ACC referred to our media statement in the House, but any attempt to imply that our statement was anything more than the College supporting the use of an evidence-based approach is unhelpful.

    We have welcomed the Minister's recent review and we remain committed to ensuring that all patients, including those who require assistance following sexual abuse, are provided with safe, quality treatment and care that suits their specific needs.

    We will continue to work with the College of Psychiatrists and ACC on this matter.

    Yours sincerely

    Karen Thomas
    Chief Executive Officer
    Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners


    I found this. It seems the Colleges met earlier in the year hosted by the New Zealand Medical Council and they were concerned about the implementation of these changes back then. So, it's shameful they have not still sent a strong message to ACC or the Minister before now. We could have avoided this current review all together if they had voiced their opinion.


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