May 20, 2010

Banned from The Nutter's Club

I woke this morning to a letter from the administrator of the Nutter's Club saying I was in breech of the group's Guidelines, that they had received "numerous" complaints in person. Initially I thought it was one of those "bad taste" jokes and I may even have responded to it like that. However, the reply left me in no doubt:

"You are lucky that we're even responding to you, Facebook want you banned."

I immediately went to the group's site to try and locate this serious breech and could not find anything. A email to the admin asking for details of said offence was met with a cat and mouse game - basically telling me to go find it for myself. I found this very hard to do as I was now banned from the site and so too were all "offence" message including one that apparently had "legal ramifications." Legal? WTF?

I have since been notified that my membership to the group was deleted by Facebook and not TNC. Can Facebook do that I wonder? Can they go into any old group and simply delete members without the Group Owner's agreement?

Well whatever "it" was that was deemed so offensive that it caused me to be banned will obviously remain a mystery.

I still think TNC is a good group. I think what they do is extraordinary for those struggling through mental illness and yes, it has been a saving grace for me in the past. I am very confused about their decision and more than a little PISSED OFF.

As difficult as it will be, I will still advocate for the Group and all that they endeavour to do - even as the Scarlet O'Hara outcast.


  1. Have just been reading the discussion on TNC and realised it was you that has been banned.
    I've been a fan of TNC (don't really contribute much, just a fly on the wall) for a while and can't believe you have been banned :(
    I appreciate so much your knowledge, input, support and words of encouragement so not fair!

  2. To be honest my friend I reckon its a lie you hit a nerve with someone thats all keep your head up you still have my page and the web site


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