May 8, 2010

I-Tune Tribute to ANZAC Day Tragedy

This is a pretty important request so please read on. Nearly all of you heard about the tragedy that struck 3 Squadron on ANZAC Day, with the loss of 3 fine aviators and another slowly recovering. Then earlier in the year another RNZAF aviator lost his life in an aircraft accident. 2010 has sucked so far for these guys and gals, but now we have a chance to try and make some good happen. 

Tim Costley and his Airtime guys came up with that awesome hit JetPilot taking a dig at those who fly those plank wing things :)

Well now Tim has come up with a great tribute song to our fallen aviators and we want your help by buying the song from iTunes as all proceeds go to the families left behind in these tragedies. So please take a minute and click on the link below and know that your help will give these families hope and encouragement in the dark days ahead. 

Thanks again everyone and I really appreciate it. Kia Kaha. All proceeds go to help Squadron families. Cost $1.79

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