May 4, 2010

I was going to simply add this amazing link to my Blog - the one above, recommending free documentaries but something caught my eye and ... I'm annoyed. 

This website publishes documentaries, life stories, real ones - not the usual bullshit kind but the one's that involve real humans and what us humans do to each other - the docos that NEVER reach mainstream which means, they are either bloody good or controversial and in most cases and with any luck, they're both! 

None of these documentaries make money. Not for the subjects and not for those passionate types that go to the corners of the forbidden world to bring us these stories. So it fucks me off to see that EVEN on these sites, there are scavengers - this lot aren't asking for money, they're asking for recognition and referral, which on the Internet, is like pure gold. Write about us on "your blog" and we'll donate $20 to blah blah blah... No you won't! You'll take your so-called expenses, those incredible overheads, the new pen, table and chairs, desk lamp maybe - whatever it is and hopefully, by the time someone like me goes blind on following the money trail, I won't give a rat's arse where the money went. 

So in protest I am recommending this website AND I need no incentive or bribe!

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