May 10, 2010

Collateral Damage worth the cost?

Let me see if I can get my head around this. The Minister of ACC, the right dishonorable Nick Smith, has decided to can government funded counselling to victims of sexual abuse "until" he hears back from a group of hand selected people on whether the "current system" is working or not. Am I doing okay so far? Right... This hand picked group of people do not seemingly advocate for the rights of sexually abused victims (do correct me if I'm wrong) but I don't see any front-line women's groups or men's groups for that matter being included in this wee round table affair. 

However, let's say, for arguments sake, they are all support the continuation of counselling. 

My question is this, why bother paying these people to come up with the bloody obvious? And more troubling, why waste time because, as we all know, until this round table can make a decision, victims are being turned away and fogged off. Oh I hear you. I know. They're due to report back to Dick, opps, I mean Nick, by July and well, that's only two months away - too late for the mother of three who topped herself but hey, it's collateral damage that, right? 

Okay, so we wait until July. But wait, there's more...if we are suppose to wait back for the Round table decision on the most obvious, then why is there a need for yet another separate round table group, headed by none other than the sympathetic 'woman of all women' - Paula Bennett? We all know how she recently cracked the whip on single parents, telling them to get off their butts and back into work - despite the fact that, oh yeah, she was actually a beneficiary for several years while raising her child. So, yeah, I'm really looking forward to her usual diplomatic approach to dealing with sexual abuse victims...not!

Her recent commission, by Justice Minister Simon Powers, is to "address the most effective way to deliver sexual violence services." Oh fan-bloody-tastic! Nothing quite like getting the right man for the job! So yet again, another tax funded private wee gathering of douche-lords and ladies looking into the painstakingly obvious.

I'm not that "into" politics but this lady scares me. I don't like the idea that she's been allowed to rip up the carpets in Government to see what's been lurking there - you know she's only going to have them replaced with pimpish shag pile and a self portrait gargoyle. If it ain't broke, it don't need fixing, surely! 

Sorry folks, but as the Social Development Minister (a contradiction if ever I heard!) she will" lead a stock-take of existing state spending on sexual violence, look at the need for such services, identify opportunities for efficiencies and effectiveness, and consider " future funding options''.

That shouldn't take long, surely... you know, once she's finished "consulting on the terms of reference for the project with ACC Minister Nick Smith." So, they'll be needing several meetings to discuss the proposed meeting then? Tell me something, do you actually HAVE to have a brain to work in Government?

Oh yeah, forgot to add: Meanwhile back in the jungle, counselling has stopped. Mind the Gap people!


  1. Well this is what the National government has historcially always done to the social/health and education services. Why should we be surprised?? Just because John Key smiles and works the media doesn't mean they have our interests at heart. Yip, and I was one who this time around voted National.... WTF was I thinking??


    I found this. It seems the Colleges met earlier in the year hosted by the New Zealand Medical Council and they were concerned about the implementation of these changes back then. So, it's shameful they have not still sent a strong message to ACC or the Minister before now. We could have avoided this current review all together if they had voiced their opinion sooner.

  3. Im sick and tired of Nick Smith and his Acc goon squad It goes to show none of them are victims of abuse but experts when reading about abuse I guess when your in Power you think your God Well sorry to say Nick and your goons your not above the law nor can you hide from what you have done be prepared for war your lies and your goon squad Nick Smith against the Victims who live with the pain and nightmares Im coming for you and your goon squad this is not a threat but a promise.

    Here is my challenge and I hope you get this Mr Smith a debate between you your goon squad and myself in a I quit match. Here are the rules if I lose I will go quietly and will say no more. BUT If I win you and your goons will apologize to all victims and give them what they need Plus you will pay for a one night concert In wanganui to raise funds for child abuse I don't think that is so much to ask for


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