May 13, 2010

Last blog speaks of anguish - National - NZ Herald News

"I am scared, but I decided to follow, I am really scared.  wonder, who will find us first?"
These were the last known words Holly (17, pictured right) wrote on her online diary. They were posted at 5:48pm on Tuesday, May 4th and the next day, Holly, her mother, and sister (13, pictured left) were found dead.

From all accounts it seems as if there was a family discussion about what was to happen that night but what is not so fathomable is why? The clue might be in her entries. She doesn't talk first person, as if there is something going on for her and her alone. Instead, she refers to her "anguish" with the word "we."
"Just because we never say we are ... hurt or lonely, don't think we ... are not hurt and not lonely."
Even more mysterious, is the arrival of Holly's father from Korea. Having been notified of their deaths, he arrives in New Zealand, goes to the house, and within hours is also found dead. One can only assume, as the Police are looking for no one else in relation to any of these deaths, that like those before him, he too committed suicide.

The only clue to this are seemingly odd pieces of published information from the Press. Something about their house being sold to a higher bidder - more than what was initially agreed to by a previous potential buyer. I fail to see the link but then I also know there has to be one to have mentioned it in the first place,
"Even if a person doesn't talk much, it doesn't mean this person has no thoughts, and even if a person doesn't make any excuses, it doesn't mean the person is guilty."
So in Holly's eyes, right before she died, someone was guilty of something and that 'somebody' has the death of four people on their hands. Two things: it's a damn Holly and her family thought this was the only way out and secondly, that none of them even considered the option to talk about it to someone first.

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