May 16, 2010

Serial Rapist slips "intensive supervision"....AGAIN

Police say Maka Renata, 24, has visited family and associates across the North Island since fleeing a Napier halfway house more than two weeks ago.

Some of the international readers will be wondering what the hell a serial rapist is even doing out in public but then again, they won't be aware of New Zealand Law.You see, we do things quite differently over here.

Unlike other countries, we actually respect out criminals. We give them real light sentences because, for one reason or another and sometimes for no reason at all, they cannot be held accountable for their adult decisions. Maybe they were mistreated as children, sent to school with no lunch or something.

In any event, they get to spend as little time as possible in jail, being fed three times a day, with no responsibilities or accountability to anyone, least of all themselves, and we spend millions on providing them with free education (law abiding citizens have to rack up thousands in loans for the same outcome) and we also spend another few mindless million or so providing them with counselling sessions in order to rehabilitate them back into society - skills like, how to run faster from Police next time you "catch yourself" screwing up and breaking the Law.

When all else fails, we like to give these "runners" a wee head start in life by providing them with "intensive supervision" which is to say, we pay someone to follow them around and every now and then, when the security guard takes a pee or something, we fire a starter gun and off the criminal runs.... by the time the security guard has shaken drips from his willy, our super sized criminal is way gone.

That's when the real fun begins. Oh it's a hoot for everyone involved, least of all, the public. Over the next few days, the criminal will telephone his "tax paid for" lawyer who will, obviously, do the right thing and "recommend" the said criminal cease playing cat and mouse - which will be fondly ignored, of course - and the Lawyer will then stand before the authorities shrugging his shoulders.

It's what us new Zealanders do.

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